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We are addicted to technology

here is what experts think


Tech products today are designed to be addictive, and are hooking our kids at a very young age while parents watch helplessly.


56% of parents think that their children are addictied to digital devices, and 46% of parents thing their kids spend too much time online.


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than 2 hour of screen time, yet todays kids consume upwards of 9!


Recent studies show that children are more lonely, depressed, and getting less sleep because of their smart phone usage.

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“We limit how much technology our kids use at home”

-Steve Jobs

We Have a Solution

Technology is a big part of life in 2018; it has literally taken over our lives. We have developed the solution to this problem using our expertise in networking and machine learning.

How Vimana Works

Step 1

Plug in the Vimana Smart Home device into your existing router.

Step 2

Download the Vimana Anywhere app on your kids’ devices.

Step 3

Download the Vimana Dash app on your device to manage what your kids do online.


Knowing that your children are safe online


Manage what your kids do on their devices


Monitor where your kids spend their time online


Limit daily screen time by category and app


Control Anytime, Anywhere

Manage what your kids do on their devices at home or away. With School Mode, restrict access to educational-related sites and app while they are at school.

Understand your kids’ online interests

Vimana’s advanced intelligence learning system monitors the type of Internet content your kids view and automatically categorizes the content to help you better understand what your kids are interested in.

Put your family on a digital detox

Manage screen time for a healthier relationship and interaction with the different screens. Manage the times of day your kids access apps, games, and social media. You can also set time-limits.

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